Potential Participants in the Private HR Blockchain

The first Enterprise Blockchain for Australian Companies. CET is providing an integration platform to supplement a company's current HR legacy system and integrate through APIs to the HR Blockchain.

CET's IBM Hyperledger Fabric ledger will form the cornerstone for employee data and enable inter-ledger connection to global partners to verify education qualifications, licenses, passports, background checks, work visas, and many other items that are required prior to, or during employment or contract periods of engagement. Verification is done using direct API links and NOT by accessing libraries that contain document copies that can be altered.

Register Your Interest

One of our team will contact you to step you through the options to see which one best suits your needs
Contact email: Blockchain@cet-hr.com

CET to Reach Out to Companies

CET will be contacting companies that have been pre-approved, and are listed on this site, to invite them to formalize their membership of the Trusted Global Network for HR Data. If your company, or government agency, is not listed on a page available from the link below please contact CET to see if they are eligible.
For more information contact CET blockchain@cet-hr.com

Eligible Companies

List of HR software companies invited to join the HR Blockchain Integration Consortium List of pre-approved companies invited to join the Trusted Global Network for HR Data

In the future employees who have entered their professional data in the Blockchain will be able to provide their credentials to their new employer (if the new employer is a member of the network), and avoid manually entering the same data..


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